Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fun Projects

When I was on my craft frenzy a while ago, I did 3 more projects that I didn't post. Things have slowed down dramatically since I got this crazy annoying cold and cough.
I knew soon that soon I would need a pillow to sleep with when I became more pregnant, so we pulled out this long body pillow thinking that it would do the trick. It didn't. It was so new and puffy that it felt like a 3rd grown adult in our bed every night. It was so big, it was awkward to sleep with. I needed something different. Within a day or two, I stumbled upon this great tutorial for a leg pillow. The top pillow is the dimensions used in the tutorial. It was almost a little too tall, so I used the rest of the foam that I bought and adapted the dimensions for the fabric to fit. I really like using it and the larger size is perfect to sleep with. I am more proud of myself for being able to follow the directions, make the pocket in the back and make those boxed corners. Those that sew well are probably laughing at me right now but I was excited with my new found knowledge. Gunnar is pretty sure that the big one is mine and the smaller one is his.
My other project is these reusable produce bags. I saw a tutorial (love those things) on these and decided to go for it. Super easy and super cheap and incredibly handy. It takes a yard of mesh netting (by the tulle) of any color. Gunnar was so excited to be in charge of picking the color. Cut out and sew up the sides. I loved taking these to the store. I really hate putting my produce in the plastic bags to only throw them away when I get home. A yard of mesh made 6 of these. I gave Heidi and Mindy two each.
The last project was Gunnar's valentine's for this year. I saw this idea online and new it was the one. Gunnar is obsessed with gum. Perfect. He was very excited to pick out the gum but didn't fully understand that he couldn't eat the entire pack beforehand so we had to hide it. He chose that zebra striped gum from long ago. It was actually perfect because the ends had different colors on them and it was the cheapest. Probably because the flavor lasts for half a second. Gunnar also picked out the papers. Anyway, I was excited to realize that I could use my Cricut for ALL of the cutting. I cut the rectangle, circle and heart with it. All that I had to do was ink and assemble. So easy and Gunnar loved them.

I am currently working on another project but I'm not done yet. Almost sounds like I am talking about my baby...I had a cousin ask to see pictures of me pregnant. At this point I am just slightly chubby looking. Not really pregnant looking. That hasn't come yet. So when it does, I want to post pictures to remember this time. I really regret not taking more with Gunnar, like any for that matter. I think I have about 2-3 with him. But he'll probably have the most baby pictures overall so I am not too concerned. Baby is moving around all of the time. It is actually moving quite a bit while I type this. The movements are my most favorite part of being pregnant. It is also the one thing that I miss the most once the baby is here. Anyway, we have less than 2 weeks before we find out what this baby is. Gunnar is still pretty sure that I am having a girl baby and he is having a kid baby. We'll see.

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Megan and Greg said...

The projects look great! I really wanna do the produce bag one. Let me know how they hold up.

Kimberly said...

I was just thinking today that it's too early for my belly button to pop, but it already has. You are so lucky. I'll post a picture next week when we find out what we are having!