Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Golden Boy

It's been a while since I took pictures of this guy. He is a monster. He probably weighs over 54lbs by now. He makes us laugh and keeps us on our toes. He is such a good boy. For a puppy, he is pretty well behaved and listens really well. He loves to fetch and constantly has to have something in his mouth. He loves to get things and bring them to me as if he did a service to me by getting it in the first place. He sits and stays before going outside or inside. He also sits and stays before leaving his crate and before eating. We are working on better manners while on a leash. We finally decided to try the Halti on him (kind of like a horse halter but for a dog) and it worked wonders...miracles. He walks like a pro because he doesn't like the tightened pressure on his nose if he pulls. We use them with Kaika and did with Rusty and they are amazing inventions. People always looked at me strange because I was able to walk to big dogs by myself with no pull. Anyway, I wanted to see if he would sit and stay long enough for a picture. He did great and Gunnar wanted in on the last one.
He is getting longer and leggier. His little snout is getting longer and bigger. He is definately getting his big boy fur in and the hair on his tail is getting longer and curly. He has cute little tufts of fur on his ears I also noticed this morning that he has one puppy tooth left to lose and then we are done with that. We sure love this big ball of fur!

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Amber H. said...

Your puppy is getting so big! He totally looks like a dog now. He sounds a lot like our puppies. I need to post something about mine! If I can ever get caught up into this year! How big do you think he will get full grown? I love the updates!