Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Word to the Wise

About a month ago our desktop contracted a nasty virus. We took it into the computer repair people and were told days later that the virus got into the Windows operating system so everything was essentially wiped out on the C: drive. I've saved quite a few things to other drives when we had a computer scare a couple of years ago, but apparently became lazy in doing that so everything from that point on was lost. This all includes our basic word programs, everything that have to be reinstalled. We took the computer back for them to try and recover stuff but all that they could recover was the things that were saved on those other drives. We got the desktop back yesterday and it is all now sinking in as to what I have lost. I lost ALL pictures that were on the C: drive which consisted of anything that was Gunnar from age 9 months to now (that's ALOT of pictures) and then all of the in between random pictures. I lost all of my digital scrapbooking kits, etc that I had yet to save over to the other drives (I did save some the scary time before), and just now I realized that I lost the majority of my digital layouts which makes my heart ache because of the time and documented memories on them. Frustrating extremely, but then Jeff and I were thankful that I do this blog because mostly everything is documented on here.

Technology is great when it works good but a total frustration and disaster when it does not. The moral of the story is to backup your computer. What do you do to backup your computer? Do you use a program online to do it...external hard drive...CD's? I would love to know because I am now taking this very seriously.

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Mindy said...

That pretty much just plain sucks! I would be devastated. Rillz and I have an external hard drive for back up stuff.

Amber H. said...


I'm SO sorry! The same thing has happened to SO many of my friends I can't even tell you! When I started my photo business I got really serious about saving all of my files, just in case something ever happened to my computer. We have an extra hard drive installed in our computer, so I copy everything onto there, plus I have 2 back up external hard drives. That way, if anything ever happens we are triple protected. They have a 1 Terabyte hard drive at costco that is tiny, about 5 inches by 4 inches and it comes with a soft cover case. You can just leave the drive in there all the time so even if you drop it, it's safe. Anyway, thank heavens for blogs! That has been the one thing that has saved most of my friends. At one time or another they had downloaded their pictures onto there, so they had something left. How sad about your scrapbook pages though! I feel for you! Sorry!

Stacey @ Fun to Craft said...

Uggh! I hate computer problems like that. I always run some free antivirus/spamware/all around clean up type programs once a week. Then I try to copy my hard drive onto an external drive at least every 2 weeks. I use Norton Ghost. I think it is a free program. It works great. Hope you don't lose any more stuff. I totally understand!! SO frustrating!

Penny Cluff said...

My computer crashed about two weeks ago...blue screen. My family experts could not get it back, so I took it to the extra experts (paid). It took twice, but finally got most back. The virus are wicked. Three of my kids had pc virus this month. Sheena's was a bad Facebook virus. The first day the our pc was down, I went started to the office to use it at least three times and then had an oh yeah it has crashed moment. What did we ever do without them.