Thursday, March 25, 2010

Couponing Success

After my coupon disaster last week, this coupon trip was a major success and I am so excited about it. I have been wanting to get Gunnar Toy Story 1 & 2. What really intrigued me about the deal is that each DVD came with a free movie ticket to see Toy Story 3 in June. One of my friends wanted to take our little guys to it in the theater so this is perfect. Gunnar is also very much into games so it is never too early to "collect" them. I was able to price match everything from other store ads at Walmart PLUS use coupons on top of it. This is how it all breaks down.
Toy Story 1 & 2 was price matched to the Toys R Us ad for $16.99 when you bought both PLUS I had $10 off coupons for each movie making them $6.99/movie.
Connect 4 was price matched to the Target ad for $7 PLUS I had a $4 off coupon making it $3.
Monopoly Deal was price matched to the Fred Meyer ad for $2.99 PLUS I had a $5 off coupon making it a total moneymaker of $2.01.
So my total should have been about $46 but I paid around $17 something, if I remember right. Plus if you take into account $17 worth of movie tickets, it all came out in the wash. It was easy and fast and Gunnar never really knew what was happening as he played with the "stuff" by the register.

Gunnar is done for Easter and his birthday. I am so thrilled for thrifty deals like this. I am off to buy Mindy the movies tomorrow as I owe her money and she wanted to buy these anyway with these deals.

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thanks for your comment on the chair- after hard labor- you want to hear good comments! I cannot believe these deals you and your sisters get- It just sounds so overwhelming, and confusing, and hard. I don't know where to look, and it just starts to overwhelm me if I look for too long, trying to figure it all out. Didn't you do a RS activity lesson on this? I wish I was there. I wish we lived in the same town for so many reasons!

HeidiT said...

Glad it worked out! I was able to do the Princess and the Frog deal last week -- $4.49 for a brand new disney show, can't beat that!

Mindy said...

I am loving my toy story movies. I watched the first toy story yesterday and forgot how funny it was. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Lizzie said...

My kids are obsessed with Toy Story. What great deals. I did a deal similiar to this a while back at Toy's R Us. I took pictures and meant to post it, but never did.

What a great deal on all those groceries too! It was healthy stuff too! I felt like when I used to do coupons it was all cereal and junkfood. This gives me hope.