Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flower & Garden Show 2010

It has been about 5 years we figured that my mom and I have been to the Flower & Garden Show in Boise. It is all about flowers and your garden (go figure) with vendors and seminars and beautiful displays. We love it until this year. It's been a while and it showed. We pawned Gunnar off on my dad and went on the first day, Friday. We've always gone on Friday. I used to take the day off of work to go then with my mom.

It stunk. The show was not as great as years past. Some of the plant nursery vendors used to have elaborate displays for their booths. They weren't that big and great. Plus, to us, it felt like there weren't as many vendors. The seminars were very dissappointing. We went to one and, now that I think about it, it was from a vendor that essentially was plugging her product as the way to organic garden. The process behind it totally made sense but it was all about what her organic product could do to aid that process. The next seminar after that was about raising chickens and we weren't interested and we didn't want to stay and wait for the others to start an hour or so away. Usually the vendor and display part fills your time so you are still around but without a lot of that, we were done. The area that I do like looking at is the Bonzai area. The little plants are incredible. Everything is the big version but in little format. Incredible!
Afterwards we walked across the street to PF Changs and had the best lunch. It was so good. I ordered the Mongolian Beef, normal dinner size, and ate the entire thing. The worst part was that I didn't even feel full after that. Wow, this baby is taking over. Normally I eat very average portions.
One the way home, we ran into Walmart so I could buy Mindy the Toy Story movies super cheap. I owed her money and this is what she wanted in return. I had a great time with my mom. I had intentions to get more pictures of her and I but forgot at lunch time. I guess that is what happens when the food is so stinkin' good!

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