Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Goof Ball

He can be a complete pain but he can also be the funniest little guy. We love him so much. He wears me out most days (so does this other little boy) but keeps me laughing too. As he quickly approaches his 4th birthday, he is not entirely crazy and out of control like last year, but has started acted like such a big boy and not a baby. He uses potty talk like no other, which drives me up the wall and says such big boy things now. He still says words wrong sometimes as he tries to figure them out which makes me smile. He can skip and jump and hop and crab walk. He can even whistle pretty well. I can't even really whistle. He loves doing big boy daddy things and gets really excited when they get to poop scoop the yard so they can play frisbee afterwards. He can still be out of control and pretty naughty but we love him so much.

This picture was taken when Jeff and Gunnar were getting ready to go shooting with the Eldeer's Quorum. He was so pumped. He packed snacks for both of them and could hardly be controled because of excitement. He told Jeff that they were going to shoot batteries. Jeff looked at me puzzled and I told him that I was pretty sure he ment bullets and heard it wrong. It made us laugh.

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