Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He Loves His Mini Wheats

I love posting my coupon visits for a couple of reasons. One day I hope to look back and realize that I used to coupon or realize that I am still doing it after all the years. It will also be interesting how the products may change or how much I used to pay or how little. It will also probably be pretty funny to my kids.
Some of you may be wondering why I bought more cereal. This is Gunnar's absolute favorite and he calls it Frosted Flakes. Not sure why but whatever. When I bought 6 boxes, I also got two gallons of milk for FREE. I bought this one and then want to use my other one later for chocolate milk when they have it in stock again. I spent a total of $18.65 for everything and saved $96.42. I did use $10 worth of catalinas from past sales. I was pretty excited. All of the dog food was pretty much free and it becomes a great treat for them. I also got 4 things of vanilla in here which can get pretty spendy without a sale as well as the hamburger.

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