Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cavity Bugs

Today Gunnar went in for his 6 month checkup. They were able to take his first x-rays and he did awesome! It took a couple of tries with him wiping his watering eyes in between (he didn't cry. I think they were watering because he would gag) but he was so determined to get it done. They were also able to do a complete cleaning with the 1 minute flouride and everything. Then the dentist came in. He is in our ward and we really love him. He is so nice and we recently switched to him last month. We couldn't be happier. He is about 1/4 of a mile away. Anyway, he found a tiny cavity. Not good and Gunnar gets to go in next week to get it filled. That should be fun. On the way home I told him that he had cavity bugs in his teeth that made a hole in one. He really wanted to know if it was on the top or bottom...bottom. He then told me that he doesn't want anymore holes. Well that is good. Then he followed it up with, "now I am not going to eat anymore food." Associating food with cavities. He also came right home, had a very small drink of milk, and immediately brushed his teeth. Do we think he is paranoid or what.

2 clever remarks:

Megan and Greg said...

Wow, I wish I was like that. I'm horrible with teeth and always have been. I can't believe how well he did at the dentist. Dream child.

katy said...

A bit paranoid, but yea for you. You won't have to be on him to brush his teeth all the time. You might have to remind him to eat now though. lol