Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10 Long Days

I have 10 days left! Can you believe it? I actually can't. This pregnancy has gone fast...until yesterday and now it seems forever. Last week Dr. West checked to see if anything was happening. Nope, nada, nothing. Yesterday I had an appointment and felt fine until the doctor left and Gunnar and I were leaving the office. I felt like I couldn't walk. Things down there hurt so bad. We trudged on and I took it easy last night. I still hurt and really hope that Breckin decides not to come earlier than the 9th. Seriously I am so worried about it now. I worked an 8 hour day the day before I had Gunnar so this is all too new to me. My water also broke with Gunnar so I have no idea what contractions are like or how to handle them. This baby better take it easy on me. Maybe I should have had Dr. West check yesterday for anything. I felt so good during the appointment we decided to hold off. I see him again next Tuesday which seems so far away, which really is one day later than my normal appointments. Darn holidays.

I am so forever grateful for my willing sisters. Gunnar is with Heidi today at preschool. I hope to rest and get this body back to a comfortable place.

I had to small baby showers last week which was really fun. My sisters didn't throw one for me nor did I want one. I am having another boy for heaven sakes so I had everything already. If it was a girl, it would be different. Jeff's work had one for us. It was fun to have lunch there and watch Jeff and Gunnar open presents. I told Jeff this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to open presents at a baby shower. Gunnar thought it was the greatest thing to get to have lunch at daddy's work. Then our hula friends threw a small potluck shower. It is always fun to be with them and laugh with the aunties. They sure keep us laughing. Between the two, we got diapers/wipes, little summer clothes and other great essentials. They were fun and low key.

Today I will probably get my hospital bag packed just in case. It is half done I just need to finish it. Breckin's is done and the carseat is out and washed. That's pretty much all that I need at this point, right? I sure hope so.

2 clever remarks:

Danielle said...

Oh man- I'm sorry it hurts and you're so uncomfortable. If I were you I'd just plop on the couch or your bed and watch movies. Dont' do housework!

HeidiT said...

I believe Gunnar now thinks that all necessary baby items come from baby showers. Yesterday we were talking in the car about how babies eat bottles and not food and he asked if I had a bottle at my house for my baby. When I told him no and that I would have to buy some he said "oh, you don't have to buy it just have your party and then you will get your bottles." I was laughing so hard!