Friday, June 25, 2010

Watch What You Say

I am good at saying unintentional things, especially around Gunnar. Jeff can attest to that. Most things are figurative of speech sorts of things.

The other night we were putting Gunnar in bed and his room immediately stunk like poo. Like real bad. I helped him get out of his church clothes earlier and it didn't stink so we wondered what it could be. I asked Gunnar where the stinky underwear were. He proceeded to show me all of the possible places they could be. I was searching like mad because it was nasty. He has never been the type to hide things. Not at all. He is always so honest and forthcoming so this made no sense. As I was searching, Jeff was watching and Gunnar was trying to figure this out I said, "It smells so bad I am going to die." Gunnar gets this really worried look on his face and says, "Mom don't die. Dad and me won't have a mom if you die." It made Jeff and I laugh but Gunnar was pretty serious because he doesn't get it. He repeated it one more time after that. We gave up looking, never found dirty underwear. The next morning the smell was completely gone. Not sure what that was all about.

Speaking of wordplay. Have you ever read A Chocolate Moose for Dinner. This is such a hilarious children's book. I rented it from the library when Gunnar was much smaller but I really should check it out again because he will understand some of them now. Have you ever wondered how car pool or playing the piano by ear sounds to a little kid. The illustrations are great.

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Derek, Rachel and Cadence said...

"The King Who Rained for 30 Years" is pretty good too. Or maybe it's "reigned." I can't remember if they used the real phrase or the funny one for the title. Either way, there's a picture of a king as a cloud raining on the cover...


so funny! how seriously he took you- so cute- I wonder what that smell was? haha