Sunday, June 20, 2010

3 Weeks to Go!

I only have 3 more weeks to go. Can you believe it. So many people comment on how it has all gone so fast for them and believe it or not, it has gone incredibly fast for me to. I really like being pregnant for the most part and will miss it when it goes but thankfully I will be blessed with a sweet little boy.

I have so much to do before he comes. I still need to get his room organized and get some of the baby stuff out. I asked Jeff to get the carseat from the attic last week. At least we have that out just in case he comes early and nothing else is prepared. I realized about a week ago that I should start getting my hospital bag put together. You just never know and it would be great to be prepared.

The nesting phase has yet to hit. I really believe this. I am getting some things done and it may appear that it has hit, but I think it hasn't. I have absolutely no energy and I have to force my self big time to get some of these things done. I remember with Gunnar I had huge amounts of energy and was weeding and washing windows about this time. Not for me yet anyway. I really hope it comes.

Jeff is always a huge help and has done lots to help me get projects done. In 3 weeks he will have 2 weeks off of work which should be fun. It will be nice to have him around. I can't wait to see what this baby looks like. I think that is one of the most exciting things about having a baby. What will they look like, what type of personality will they have. Gunnar has been fun. He is still pregnant himself but not mentioned as much as before. He is excited to have the baby or I should say he is excited about the idea of having a baby around. We will see what he really thinks when all that it does is cry, eat, sleep and pee/poop for a little while. I really think that he will be a great big brother. He has always loved babies.

Anyway, we are all excited and can't wait for the day to come to meet this little guy. We have one last busy 4th of July weekend before he comes and then the big day. I have been SO lucky with awesome weather. I can't believe it. The hottest it has gotten so far is the low 80's. It is usually in the 70's. So not normal but I don't mind. I really feel bad for Heidi. Being pregnant during the entire summer.

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you look so cute! I'm so excited for you to have the baby!!!

Brittney said...

You look great!! Can't wait to see picts of that new little boy!

Danielle said...

Wow- this is so exciting! You look so cute and so good! I really think that you have been doing SO MUCH stuff...I really don't understand why you think you're not doing much!!!

Mindy said...

I have to laugh now when I see you prego. That tummy is not even that big. I mean for you, yes, but overall not that big! Still cute. Oh and I told Amber that I want that Friday off.

HeidiT said...

Gunnar always begs me to go to Roaring Springs when we pass it and last week I told him that I can't take him and neither can mommy because we have babies in our tummies and can't go on the big slides. But that maybe his daddy could take him and he paused for a minute and then said "well, my baby in my tummy is not as big as your babies so I think it is still safe for me to go." I assured him that his baby would be just fine :)

katy said...

you are still so small. you look so good. how cool you are getting so close. i know you want to get ready for the baby so you are probably busy but remember...SLEEP NOW. cant wait to see your little guy. i wonder if he will look like gunnar. gunnar is such a mix of both of you.

Beth said...

Looking good... it seems like it has gone by sooo fast!