Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Should I Be Spray Painting...

...probably not but I do. Last week Gunnar and I picked up a couple of things from Hobby Lobby. I really wanted a big letter B for Breckin's room. That meant that Gunnar wanted a big G and then he wanted a wooden toy train for the baby. They were super cheap and 40% off on top of that so why not. Saturday we spray painted them. Gunnar loved watching me to see how it turned out. He picked the color and I painted. Jeff was cleaning the garage and kept teasing me about whether or not I should be doing it.
Our projects are done and Gunnar and I had a great time. Just ignore the really ugly look. I had just gotten back from hula practice and had no intentions on looking good for the day.

3 clever remarks:

katy said...

You are such a good mama. How cute that you and gunnar do arts and crafts together. I think you look cute in you lazy clothes. Are you going to post baby nursery pics?

The Woods said...

I spray painted when I was pregnant with Jordan. I think as long as your outside where it's nice and ventilated, you're good. I love seeing your cute little belly.

Mindy said...

Breckin even makes you look cute in your ghetto clothes. I just love your bump and thanks for letting me be one of those annoying people who poke and prod at your belly every time I see you! Hehe! Oh yeah... I got those wipes today at Walgreens for you and Heidi