Thursday, June 24, 2010

Unconditional Love

I was out in the yard taking the garden pictures and took one of Diesel. I love this picture. I love his look, I love the coloring, I love this dog. He is about 9.5 months old now and such a good boy for that age. He doesn't dig in the yard, he hardly ever barks, he listens pretty well for a puppy. He knows commands and he makes us laugh. He is Golden through and through in that he does goofy things to get out attention. For me it is taking these particular boots from my closet if he can. For Gunnar it is taking is Lightening McQueen pillow or stuffed leopard if the bedroom door is open. For Jeff it is digging patches of Jeff's sod in the backyard. Okay that one is not so goofy but it works. It definately gets Jeff's attention and that is what he wants. He knows that Jeff has babied that grass and looks after it the most so Diesel goes for it.

He has befriended the wildlife in our backyard. Wildlife that I didn't know we had with the other two dogs. We have tons of birds hopping all over the grass and squirrels that are constantly playing in our yard and coming up on our patio. So interesting. I also found a cat curled up on Diesel's patio bed the other morning while Diesel was kenneled on the side of the house. What!? What nerve that cat had. I quietly snuck out the garage door and let the dog out. He chased that cat over the fence and I haven't see it since. I hope that did the trick.

We love this guy and have never had a dog like him. A dog that is so loyal to all members of the family and shows unconditional love continually.

4 clever remarks:

Danielle said...

That is SUCH a cute picture! I love it! Dogs are very unconditional. I think it may be getting time for us to get Dante fixed though- he has been testing my patience WAY TOO MUCH! But he is very loving, which is very nice!


I love the cat story- because I HATE CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cute picture

HeidiT said...

That picture is SO cute, although I am surprised he stayed still long enough for you to get such a good shot - he's such a ball of energy!

Megan and Greg said...

Holy cow your garden's amazing! I'm impressed. I have SOOOO had garden on the mind lately. I LOVED your Gunnar pic puzzle. I hope I remember that one. What a good craft and game for kids!