Thursday, July 15, 2010

1 Week Checkup

Today we headed to the one week checkup. He is:
8lbs 1oz
20 inches long???
How did that happen. My baby shrunk 2 inches. Yeah right. The nurse did not know what she was doing and did not care to try and remeasure. Nice...
We went to a new family doctor today. I have never met her before but heard that she was great and was recommended by my previous one that moved out of state the end of June. That was poor timing.
We loved her! It was so funny hearing her talk about her youngest child of three just hit the terrible twos this last weekend and them not knowing what to do. Apparently they had never experienced it with their other two. Her husband had to leave the house before he had a breakdown because her child was so crazy. Funny to hear it coming from a family doctor and it just made her all that more real. She also took all the time in the world for us and I never felt rushed being there.
Brecken checked out well and I was over the top thrilled to see that he had reached his birth weight already. He was about 7lbs 5oz when we left the hospital.

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Megan and Greg said...

Wow, I thought babies lost weight in the beginning! Am I remembering that wrong? That is HILARIOUS about his measurements. Im' so glad you like your new doctor. Such a hard thing to find someone you like.

Mindy said...

The magic shrinking baby... wow it has been a week?!?

Penny Cluff said...

What a doll. I see a little Jeff a little Kristi, but a whole bunch of Brecken. When I had Cori Ann, she was early and only 5 ob 7 oz. When I went to my first check up, finished and was in the parking lot, a nurse came running up to me to say the doctor wanted me to come back. He had not even looked at birth weight comparison! She only weighed 4 lbs. 10 oz! She was healthy, but Walt and I were two terrified parents for a few months.

HeidiT said...

You would think she would have looked at the chart and thought, hmmm something doesn't add up here. I'll have to get your docs name and see if she is on our insurance list cause we will need to find one for Cami.

abflake said...

awwwww, love the baby pics! I love reading your blog! Just thought I would let you know.