Thursday, July 15, 2010

Carseat Techs and Lactation Consultants

Saturday we headed home. Leaving the hospital for some reason has always been a bittersweet thing for me. I have always enjoyed my time there. I am not sure there. Maybe it is the fact that the cares of the world are all put on hold for those 4 days, you have fun visitors, you have a brand new baby. The time comes when you have to head home and reality starts. It also means the end of pregnancy. The end of feeling the baby move inside which makes me sad. The end of meeting with the doctor on a regular basis which I loved.
Anyway, Saturday rolls around and the carseat tech comes in to make sure you have a seat and that you know what to do. I understand that they are doing their jobs but sometimes they can be so extreme. Extreme in everything to the point that it could cause worry wart parents to never want to transport their kids in a car ever. Thankfully Jeff and I aren't like that. She asked if I had a carseat check recently with Gunnar's booster seat. I told her yes but didn't want to include that I bought a used booster seat from craigslist from a certified carseat tech who checked my seats at her house. This lady probably would have flipped because I bought a used seat. Lactation consultants can be the same way. I am breastfeeding and I know that it is the best for babies, however it doesn't work for everyone and that is okay. I was a bottlefed baby and am pretty healthy and think that I turned out okay. Anyway, they can be extreme. I had to attend a breastfeeding class a few weeks ago at the WIC office. Oh brother...those people are extreme. It was driving me nuts. Now they can easily make a mom feel that feeding formula was a horrible decision. Thankfully breastfeeding is working for us. Not pain free sometimes but working.
Anyway, Brecken has taken to the carseat well and falls asleep on our outings which makes it super nice. Kind of different with a booster seat and infant seat in my car at the same time. At least they match in color, right? His original going home outfit was put on the backburner. With low to mid 90's outside, there was no way he was going to wear long sleeves. My mom bought this cute outfit for him and I love it. One of my very favorites and so fitting given that he was born 3 days after the 4th of July. He will always be my 4th of July baby and Gunnar will always be my Easter boy having been born 2 days before Easter. The shirt says Mr. Independant on it.
I just wanted to add the picture of my mom. I love the look of love on her face for her newest grandson. She is thrilled that her grandchildren have doubled in size in just one year. I only wish that my dad could have been there. We did Skype with him the day that I had Brecken but I wish that he was here. He loves Gunnar so I know that it would not be any different with Brecken. He will be a few months old before he gets to meet him. I always think of Jeff's dad around these times too. Wishing that he could meet his grandsons here on earth, however I know that each of our children were able to spend time with him up in heaven and that makes it okay. You also can't deny the resemblance that each of them have of their grandpa Miller.
I can't resist another picture of these two. Gunnar is playing the big brother boy so well. I had to go the bathroom yesterday and I could hear Gunnar telling Brecken in the sweetest voice, "Your mom had to go the bathroom. But I am your big brother." He wakes every morning wondering where this little guy is. He always wants to make sure that he is okay. When I am changing Brecken's diaper and he is crying, Gunnar comes running in and always says, "what are you doing to him mom." Almost like I am torturing him or something and I should stop.
The fun of having two children has arrived.

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Kimberly said...

I felt like the lactation ladies wouldn't leave me alone! They kept showing up in my room!

Megan and Greg said...

Great pictures. It was great to read about everything. That is the CUTEST newborn boy outfit I have EVER seen! I didn't know they have someone come check your carseat. That's nice, I suppose. Before I read that I was thinking how people always say, "have the fire dept. check it." I would feel like the biggest dorkus bringing my carseat to the fire station.

Mindy said...

I want to squeeze him and kiss him and love him all over. Oh, I would do that to Gunnar too but he can run away from me... Brecken can't. Lucky me. Watch out Brecken, Auntie is going to love on you tomorrow...


so cute and so fun. that car seat check is funny- I had no idea they did that. how annoying. lactating consultant- fun. I didn't realize he was born on teh 4th of july- how cool!

Penny Cluff said...

A little boy in our ward was born near 4th of July and they named him Justice. Loved the pic of Robin with Brecken. Priceless.

HeidiT said...

For some reason I love the pic of him all laid out and screaming. He looks so tiny and scrawny but it's like he's saying "Enough with the pictures, just come and get me NOW!"

Brent and Noelle said...

Awwww!! I love these pictures!!!! I can't wait to come home and cuddle him! He is so adorable!