Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Love of Grandparents

The day after I wrote that I really missed my dad a suprise showed up in DAD! It was a total surprise to everyone. Heidi called Thursday afternoon telling me that she would be late. No biggie. I really didn't care and frankly the longer Gunnar was gone the safer Brecken would be. When they arrived, they told me that they had a surprise for me and Gunnar wanted to show me. I figured it was in Heidi's car or maybe she got a new one. I had no idea. I walked out the door and there was my dad standing there. It was awesome! He was able to stay a few minutes before they needed to head home to surprise my mom. She didn't even know. Ren didn't even know. Heidi never told him. Apparently Heidi told Gunnar that there would be a surprise and they headed to the airport. She then told him to look for someone they might know. He then spotted grandpa and was excited. He was able to stay Thursday through Sunday. We were able to hang out for a good portion of those days. Gunnar was on cloud 9 being with his papa. He sure misses him.
My dad decided to teach Gunnar how to drive the big John Deere Gator while he was here. My dad would man the brake and gas and Gunnar would steer. My mom and I watched as they drove past the back window around the house. I heard something funny and mentioned that it sounded like Gunnar hit the fence and dad would have to spend his time fixing that again (earlier in the year my dad hit it with the tractor). A while later Gunnar came in asking for a bandaid. His arm was scraped up because they actually ran into the small pine tree. Gunnar was perfectly fine but then all of a sudden started crying so hard. I think he was really embarrassed about it. I asked him what papa did. He told me that he laughed at him. My mom and I were trying so hard to not laugh ourselves. For some reason it was really funny. My dad came in confused as to why Gunnar was crying. After the crash, they had gone back to the tree, fixed the broken parts and he seemed fine. He also said that he did not laugh at him. Anyway, my dad explained that it was his fault because he didn't push on the brake fast enough. Now Gunnar immediately points out that it was papa's fault when retelling the story.
We were really sad to see papa go but I was really happy that Brecken got to meet his grandpa too. I figured it would be months before that would happen. My dad just couldn't stay away that long and I am greatful.

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Mindy said...

It was fun having dad here! Nice to have pictures with dad when Brecken is so little still!

Megan and Greg said...

Wow that's amazing! I can't believe he kept it a secret! That would be a hard one not to blab. That was a cute story about Gunnar. He was probably on emotion overload with everything new going on and just finally his limit over something really tiny.

Brittney said...

Your dad is AWESOME!!


what a great surprise!!!! How fun. I love the tractor story- so funny. such a cute picture at the end-