Wednesday, July 28, 2010



This is what your dog does when he is bored because a new baby is in town.
He eats your house.
A big section of siding from your house.
And it is the old wood shingle kind.
In time the 10 month old will get more attention as the newborn grows.
Until then, we can't even put him in his kennel.
He now gets to spend time in his crate.
Poor thing.

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Amber H. said...

I can TOTALLY relate! Our sweet puppies were in the laundry room (we thought eating their food) turns out they were pawing and chewing their way through a HUGE hole in our drywall! So we put them back outside and the next day discovered that they again in their boredom decided to chew up our METAL door to the water heater room...there was a small vent at the bottom of the door and they proceeded to tear that apart so now we have a huge hole there too. UGH. The joys of young dogs, right? And we don't have a new baby! Ha ha. Sorry about your house. SO frustrating!