Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two Rivers Salon and Spa

On Saturday, with 6 of us from hula, we headed to a local salon and spa to receive these:
For some reason, the week before, I was looking on the website of this place and saw a spot where they were pretty adament about no children. I told Heidi to inform auntie, who would be making the reservations to ask about that, because I had to bring Brecken with me. We assumed everything was good to go because we didn't hear back from auntie. Heidi and I arrived and on the sign outside of the salon I again saw "NO CHILDREN". Yes it was in all caps. Tasha informed us that this place was snooty so we were prepared. Heidi, Mindy and I found auntie and we sat and waited for the other three girls.
All of a sudden a front desk girl appeared in front of us and informed us that they did not allow any children in the place. I told her he was 2 and a half weeks old and i have to have him with me. He is a baby. I certainly could have brought my 4 year old...Anyway, I have never seen 3 people jump on that lady so fast. Auntie and Heidi and Mindy started explaining that he nurses and I had to have him with me. The girl proceeds to ask if there was anyone that could come pick him up. What!? She was totally missing the point. We were all ticked. Auntie offered to sit outside with him but had her appointment in a half hour. Then what were we supposed to do, leave him in the hall. I was ready to leave. I was done with that place. It was the owners policy I be pretty unflexible that is. So we asked for our money back. We can't give money back the girl said. We had 6 people already prepaid so we were ticked. Heidi and Mindy were ready to leave with me. We didn't want to support a business like that. The place only had 8 spots for pedicures and manicures so our group alone took up more than half. Even if Brecken made a peep, who would it disturb...our own group. Brother. We asked to arrange for another time to come but miraculously she was able to change things up and let us in. They just stuck me in the furthest spot by the wall. Really was it that hard to make this happen. I intentionally fed him before we got there knowing that he would sleep the entire time. She just asked that I take him out if he cries. Common sense to me. She was young and I was pretty sure she doesn't have kids. The technicians loved him and didn't have a problem with him at all. The majority had their own kids. The lady doing Mindy's nails asked how we managed that one. Four people yelling at her and 6 prepaid people for manis and pedis at a really expensive place probably did it.

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Megan and Greg said...

Pedicures are the BEST!!!!! I wish it was me.

HeidiT said...

It was fun and relaxing, but I still don't know why anyone would pay to have that done on a regular basis. My manicure was chipping by the next day!

Anonymous said...

I was searching for this salon and happened across your blog. I am a little confused about something. You read the website prior to going to this salon, were informed by a friend that the place was snooty, and then showed up to the glaringly bold and obvious "NO CHILDREN" sign. Then your next step, instead of apologizing for not being able to read or follow directions thrice, is to complain about the employees, who actually ended up accommodating you against the owner's policy. Your question of “what was I supposed to do?” is answered by “don’t bring your children into a spa that has a “No Children” policy”. Did you consider that there are other people in the salon who might be disturbed by a child during their peace or who might be trying to escape children? Furthermore, had you done some research, you’d realize that this policy is not only for the peace of the spa goers but also for the health of the baby. Fumes in a nail salon are not good for a baby’s developing nasal cavity. Maybe you should have berated Auntie for not being able to read or follow directions instead of the poor “childless” employees. What if your child had started to cry? What if he happened to bother someone's relaxation? And what if, as a result of this bother, the owner fired the employees for not following this policy? How would you then describe your reparations? I have children and I’ll be going to this salon for two reasons, 1. Your nails/toes look great. 2. So that I don’t have to listen to children during my time to relax. I am also a business owner, so maybe I am overly appreciative of employees who follow the rules.