Monday, August 2, 2010


What did today consist of:
-A super happy 4 year old. Over the top happy. Weird happy. He went to bed at 6:30pm Sunday and never woke up until 7:00am. He apparently needed his sleep. Experiencing World War 3 at church must make one really tired.
-We had to run an errand in Boise. We were almost there on the freeway and Gunnar thought that it would be a fun idea to switch which belt was buckled into one of the buckles so he unbuckled the one that held Brecken's carseat down. I wasn't very happy with that.
-On the way home from said errand, Gunnar was talking about the lock on the car door and how it locks all by itself. He then decided to open the door as I was driving 70 mph in a construction zone where I couldn't pull over. He pulled on the handle just enough where it unlocked the door and was open but not fully open and still latched a little. Does that make sense. I pulled over on the next exit and shut the door. Upon arriving home, I immediately turned the child lock thingy on the door so it will never happen again.
-Gunnar was truly really good the entire day and was a great helper. I was able to get 10 packets of gum for free with coupons and 5 boxes of canning jar lids for free with coupons too. I was happy about that.
-Brecken slept through all of these fun times.

4 clever remarks:

Elizabeth said...

Wow! What a day! At least he was in a good mood.

Derek, Rachel and Cadence said...

Sounds like an exciting day! It was fun seeing you at Albertsons. It's been a while! Glad someone could put those gum coupons to use!

Megan and Greg said...

Oh my gosh, I would have been freaking out about the car stuff. I always thought all the kid locks were a little unnecessary, I see now how wrong I am.

shellysanford said...