Tuesday, November 23, 2010

4 Months Old

We love this guy so much. He is such a fun baby. He has been a great part of our family.
*Weighs 15lbs 6oz and 24.5 in long
*this boy is so heavy. The doctor always mistakens him for an older baby
*drools like crazy
*loves his big brother like crazy. he hardly pays attention to me now
*has the longest eyelashes. I envy them, not sure where he got them
*does not like his tummy time, therefore does not roll over yet
*has the greatest smile
*super happy and content most anywhere
*gets super excited when Jeff comes around
*round everywhere. His legs, his head, his arms, his cheeks

2 clever remarks:

Megan and Greg said...

I'm sick and too tired to read everything right now. But he is the cutest thing and I'm always amazed at what a chunker he is. That's great he's such a happy baby. Scarlet loves when she sees Greg too.

Mindy said...

I LOVE that big boy... oh and that skinny boy that runs around too! But, Brecken was fun company in the kitchen on Saturday.