Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Time for the Advent

This is my 3rd year making muffin tin advent calendars and selling them on Etsy. I did pretty well the first year and have increased sales every year since. Last year I was selling them clear into January. This year I started selling quite a few in September. Both firsts for me. Anyway, last year someone contacted me about highlighting my calendars on a mommy type website. Sure why not but the feature never appeared. Well this year it finally did which was exciting. I believe I am under the modern category. You should check out the calendars under each category. It is actually a fun little highlight. The problem is, they had to seriously pick my most unattractive, not my favorite calendar and I know that I gave them different pictures last year. Anyway, make sure you check out the luxury calendars. If I had tons of money to blow, why not do it on a Porche calendar. Insane!
The website is called Babble.

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Penny Cluff said...

I love your calendars. Did you happen to see Glen Beck today? A lady, who has a retro clothes site on Etsy, found a revolutionary coat his father had worn and sent it to him. She didn't ask for money only her gave her name. He called to thank her and she would not take any money for it. It turned out his mother had made the revolutionary costume for his father for the 1976 centennial. He had her on his show and plugged her Etsy site, asking his viewers to support it. I am curious to see how many hits it will get. Her site is rogueretro. Happy to hear about your sales.


That is so awesome! Good for you! and it is very cute!

I looked at the porshe one- HAHAHAHAH- that is hilarious- I think we'll get one.