Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Santa's Doctor

Yesterday Gunnar and I were setting up our tree. It is fake and as sad as I am about the missing real Christmas tree smell, I am thrilled with the ease of fake. And I have to add that our fake tree actually looks quite great as a fake. No obvious middle rod for us.

Anyway, a few little needles fall off the tree and Gunnar proceeds to pick them up. Then he comes up to me and pretends to give me a shot in the arm with one of them. Then he puts a pretend bandaid on me. As I am stringing lights around the tree, I can hear him talk to himself about how he is Santa's doctor. I ask him a question here and there to find out that Santa needs shots too. I asked if he is Mrs Claus' doctor too. He is said he was. I asked if she gets hurt. She does. She falls a lot and needs help. I asked if he helps the reindeer. Of course. Do they get hurt. They poke their eyes out so he puts a bandaid on them and a new eye grows back and then he takes the bandaids off. Okay...he also helps the elves.

Gunnar had me laughing. Conversations with 4 year olds can be funny and quite unpredictable.

2 clever remarks:

HeidiT said...

That is too funny. Where does he come up with this stuff?!

Joleen said...

They have such good imaginations at this age!!!

When your music came on my twins started rocking out! H said I should come here all the time so she can dance!!