Friday, December 17, 2010

Little Turkey

This year we had Thanksgiving at our house with Jeff's family. My brother and sister in law only had one child out of four this year. The others went to their other parent's house so it was pretty quiet. Bridger and Gunnar had a great time though.
I had this fun turkey outfit when Gunnar was little but forgot about it at some point and he never wore it. Brecken got a turn though. It was hilarious. It came with a hat, booties and bib too. I had to laugh because I couldn't even get the hat on a part of his head. It was too small or was it that Brecken's head is way too big. Everything else fit though.
We just had a relaxing no pressure day with Jeff's two brothers and wives and his mom. Thankfully we got our furnace fixed the day before. We had to order the part online. It arrived on Tuesday late afternoon and a member of our ward was over on Wednesday to help Jeff install it. We are forever greatful for his skill and no how and his willingness to help us. We were just thankful that he was not headed out of town for the holiday. We had a whole lot to be thanful for this year.

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