Friday, December 17, 2010

White Out

December 1st we had a huge snow day. Doesn't it seem fitting that we would have a lot of snow the first day of this month. Anyway, Gunnar woke up stoked for this day. He was up and ready for his snow gear. He didn't even eat breakfast that day.
Our neighbor boy came over to see if we wanted our sidewalk shoveled for money. School was cancelled for the day. I told him that I would think about it and let him know later if we did. I shut the door and looked out the window and see him starting in on it. Uuugh! I had a couple of dollars and let him keep going. His little sister Jessica ended up coming over and her and Gunnar played and played and played. After a while her brother was done and asked me how much I was going to pay him. I told him $2. That was all that I had and he said, "That's it?" Yeah it is. What was he expecting.
After a while, Gunnar and Jessi got sick of the snow and headed in. They played for a while and then decided that they wanted apples. As they were sitting on the couch in the family room eating apples, Jessi starts spitting on my floor. I ask her what she is doing and she tells me that she does not like the peel. I proceed to tell her that we don't spit on our carpet. She continues doing it and I continue to tell her to stop. I thought that I was going to lose it. It was driving me crazy. I already struggle with other people's kids at my house. I was proud of myself for just letting her in the door.

In the afternoon another little boy comes by and asks if we wanted out driveway shoveled for money. I tell him that I didn't and he left. i told Gunnar that we have to get out there and get the driveway done. I didn't want anymore kids coming to my door. We spent a lot of time out there working on it. Our driveway is pretty long. Thankfully Brecken was taking his nap. It was a lot of work but kind of fun to be out there with Gunnar.

The next day everyone had their walks and driveways shoveled. It had stopped snowing. Gunnar decided to go play. All of a sudden I couldn't find him and he was no responding. I spot him crossing the street from Jessi's house. He was so in trouble on many levels. I asked him why he went over there. He told me that he wanted to see if they needed their sidewalk shoveled. Mind you it was completely clear. I told him that he could not do that. He then told me that he wanted to go see if other people wanted their sidewalks done for money. I told him he couldn't do that. He proceeded to tell me that I could come with him. I told him no and he started crying. Poor thing but it got his little brain thinking. He is also the child that loves to find money anywhere just to put it in his piggy bank. He scours my parent's vehicles or countertops for money. He is a saver.

We were running a bunch of errands the other day and he got 3 quarters somewhere. He was so dead set on spending them in a candy machine at Albertsons. He never wants to spend his money so this was a big deal. The minute we got out of the car and he saw the Salvation Bell Ringer, he got so excited to put money in the pot. I told him how he could put it all in or put some in and save some for the machine. He decided to put 2 quarters in the red kettle and keep just enough for the candy machine. I was so proud of him.

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