Monday, January 10, 2011

39 Things Every Mom Should Know

39 Things Every Mom Should Know

1 You never have to go to obnoxious kid-themed restaurants. Ever. I wish someone had told me that.

2 Don't make birthday parties a huge deal.

3 Do your chores while kids are awake. Using up naptime to wash dishes or clean the bathroom is truly soul-crushing.

4 Put Band-Aids on everything your kids want you to. Why not?

5 If the kids are awake, bite the bullet and be awake yourself. You'll waste so many hours trying futilely to extend early-morning snoozes that it's not worth it. If you are sick, pregnant, or it's the middle of the night, ignore this advice.

6 Just throw away the poopy underwear.

7 Don't beat yourself up if you have to use a bribe.

8 Teach your kids not to pee outside unless you're camping - you'll be glad you did. But if other people's kids do it, don't judge the parents too harshly - it's all about karma. (If you're in the midst of potty training, all bets are off. You've gotta do what you've gotta do.)

9 Buy cheap shoes when kids are little. Feet grow faster than you think.

10 Don't forget about board games. You'll suffer through way too much Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders, but Connect Four and Battleship aren't half bad. And Clue rocks.

11 Embrace their quirks.

12 Know this: That stain won't come out. And it's okay. (The sooner you accept this, the better.)

13 At some point it will be February. Things will seem bleak. You will think about vitamins, glasses, more exercise, more sleep, more chores, less TV, more rules, fewer rules, and organic food. Just wait. Things will get better when the snow melts. Know that it will happen again at the end of summer, right before school starts. It's the circle of life, baby.

14 Always get boys' haircuts at barber shops instead of hair salons.

15 Answer this question: What is the worst thing that can happen if your kids sleep in their clothes?

16 Never stifle a generous inclination.

17Try to like what they like. It kind of sucks when it's Bob the Builder, but the payoff will come when they discover Lemony Snicket.

18 Teach them to pump on the swings ASAP.

19 If your child falls asleep occasionally without brushing her teeth, don't wake her; baby teeth do eventually fall out.

20 I know you are supposed to use natural consequences to punish bad behavior, but sometimes it's hard to think of natural consequences. In these cases try threatening your kids with clipping their toenails or some other activity they dread. I've had great success with this one, but you must find your own.

21 Get used to the word zerrissenheit. It means a state of disjointedness, and it's the new normal for most of us. At least you can feel fancy because it's German.

22 Buy kids deodorant before they need it.

23 Teach your children to make their own breakfast - and allow enough time so they can do it without pressure.

24 I can't stress this enough: Use duvet covers on your comforters and forget about a top sheet. Not only will you thank me for this advice, but your kids will thank me as well when they are learning to make their bed.

25 Remember clogging lessons are not in the best interest of the child.

26 Don't administer a punishment that hurts you more than it does them.

27 Always pack wipes. If your kids go somewhere without you, send along wipes. It's like having a mom with them.

28 Do not allow the word wienies in your home.

29 Dress your little girls like, well, little girls.

30 Make sure your kids know how they like their eggs and burgers cooked. You don't want them to feel stress when ordering at the diner.

31 It's fine to brag about yourself to your kids.

32 Buy quaint wooden toys and hand-knit stuffed animals. But don't expect your kids to play with them.

33 Just say "No" to any toy or doll that comes with packets that have to be mixed with water.

34 Teach them to like cool music. Why suffer through The Wiggles when you could be enjoying Wilco or counting along with Feist?

35 Don't buy the most expensive school-picture package. It's a waste of money.

36 Give out awards for actual achievements.

37 You're never too old to dress up and decorate your house for Halloween. And it's more fun for everyone if you are into it. It also entitles you to more candy.

38 If the school year, new babysitter, or karate class gets off to a rocky start, don't totally stress out about it. Instead, think of the improvement that can be made by the end of the year.

39 Independence is a wonderful thing. For everyone. So is together time. Make sure you have a healthy dose of both.

*I read this on someones blog who found it in a magazine somewhere. I highlighted some of my favorites and ones that I have recently done myself. I loved them all because I can totally relate. Many of these cracked me up.

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mandbrid said...

I've always been a fan of #6. Yessiree.

Megan and Greg said...

Loved this. Totally laughed. Oh my gosh, had to learn some of those the hard way. Like the dishes during naps. I don't do that anymore, unless I honestly feel like it and have nothing else to do. That KILLED ME the first 2 months. I'm learning the morning/awake thing right now. I keep trying to go back to sleep in the morning, but it's just wake up every 20 minutes to run to her side for an hour or more and then it's just a crappy morning. I need to bit the bullet and just WAKE UP! Anyway, thanks. I needed to read this. It's been a crappy night and it made me feel better.

Danielle said...

this was awesome! Loved it:)

Brittney said...

SO funny! I can totally relate to most of these, that's the sad part! They need to give this list to all high school girls so that they have just a little insight to what their future holds. I NEVER in a million years thought I would do some of the stuff that has been required of me!

Loobieloves said...

I love this. Wish I had been given this before I had my kids. It would have saved a lot of stress on my part! Being Scottish I had to look up the meaning of the word wienies. That made me laugh.

Jess said...

Ha Ha Ha. I love this. Makes me wonder what treasures I'm in store for with Emma. Only time will tell : )

HeidiT said...

Too funny. One of my favorites is the bandaid one.


that's funny. The eggs- I never knew what the kind of eggs I liked were called- and yes it did stress me out when i'd go to friends houses! Sunny side up? what's that? medium rare? I didn't know what any of that meant until I was .... in college- ha.