Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Mondays

I started watching Cami on Mondays when Ren went back to school. Boy is it fun but can be a challenge and the 7 or so hours go by so fast. Heidi takes Gunnar with her to work and Cami stays with Brecken and I.
These two are going to be such great buddies. I hope so anyway. Brecken just lights up when Cami comes around...most of the time. These pictures were from the first day. They were both so into each other. They laid on the playmat for quite a while. They went down for naps at exactly the same time. Cami slept in Breckens crib for 3 hours! Apparently she didn't really take naps at home in the crib for longer than 20min. It was a pretty fun day.
The second time Brecken was a little smarter at what was happening. He clung as much as he could for a baby. He knew that Cami was taking my time and did not really like it. Both babies were sick with a cold so that didn't help. They were on a lose schedule at best and just wanted to be loved a lot.
We had Cami on Valetine's Day and she was not full of love for me. I could not figure out what her issue was. It was so weird. Jeff was home for the day and kept commenting on how she was going to have tear stains on her face for crying so long. She could hardly be soothes. Even when I held her and walked around which always does the trick. It was a long day and I am sure Jeff was wondering if I was telling the truth about how great the other days were. Ren came early to pick her up thank goodness. And not thank goodness because I wanted her home but thank goodness because I think she needed her mommy or daddy. Ren did however tell Heidi that she cried at home for a while which made me feel good. And then she took a 5 hour nap!! Wow! She was worn out.
Here's hoping for better days. Since our last time together he cold left and then came back with a vengence. That could have easily led to her crankiness. I would be cranky too if I couldn't breath and coughed a lot. I am just so excited for the relationship that Brecken gets with his closest cousin. I hope they remain friends for a long time.

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HeidiT said...

Those are great pictures!I love how Brecken is always grabbing at her. Hopefully this week goes much better, she's still hanging on to the cough but luckily has only had one day again so far of screaming at us, poor girl. I will be forever grateful to you for watching her!! It's so tough being a working mommy but it's nice to know that you and Lynda take good care of her.

Megan and Greg said...

5 hour nap? Wow! Cute pics! Man, you are a good sister to take on 2 babies for 7 HOURS!!!! I think I'd tell my sister to find another solution.

katy said...

LOL, very cute but seems very crazy. Good luck lady. It is nice they will be so close in age and live so close to each other. I bet they will be buds.

Danielle said...

Wow! So cute. You are a good sissy. I bet they will be such good friends:)

Penny Cluff said...

Krisi, you are such a good sister to take Cami for Heidi. It is such a worry to leave a little baby with someone other than family. They look like they could be be brother and sister. Funny, I didn't think they looked that much like each other when they were itsy. I have caught up on blogs today. Enjoyed your blogs on taxes, etc. Isn't it a great feeling to get them sent off to IRS. Like getting rid of a box of rocks around your shoulders.

shellysanford said...

that is a great trade off! they have the same chubby little faces, pretty cute!