Monday, March 21, 2011

8 Months

This little boy is so happy. Just a fun little guy to be around. He is getting bigger and stronger. In this month he FINALLY sat up on his own for long periods of time. This guy is definately on his own schedule. His schedule is slower. He takes his time. He enjoys things in the moment. He is observant and more cautious. He is still a snuggle bug. He enjoys being close to people. He loves music and kicks his legs like a wild man when I start singing to the radio. We put him up to a set of bongo drums and he went crazy. He loves beating on them and anything that makes noise like a lid on a rubbermaid. He rolls from his back to his front and takes every opportunity to stay off his stomach. He's not a fan and now that he knows how to roll that way, he never stays on his stomach, as much as I try. He can roll the other way too but chooses not too. So he doesn't move around the house yet, which I am totally fine with. He tried his first taste of chocolate pudding and thought he went to heaven. He still sleeps well and wakes up all happy in the mornings, often staying in there for quite a while just talking to himself and playing. My dad was in town for a week during this time and Brecken was able to hang out with him. He loves his grandpa a lot. My uncle also moved into my parent's house for a time and him and my dad would continually tease Brecken on his big head. Okay, so he does but it is nice and round and chubby. They were also freaked out by the soft spot on the top. It is a little freaky. You can see his brain "breathing". It is creepy and I have nicknamed it his blow hole. We started experiencing a little seperation anxiety during this stage. I would leave the room and Jeff would be there and he would still freak out. It doesn't happen a ton and thankfully he has been passed around and been around so many family and friends it helps ease the anxiety. All of us can't get enough of this little guy. He has been a perfect match for our family.

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Megan and Greg said...

He is such a little cutie! That soft spot thing is crazy!!! The wild thing is, with Scar's thick hair. I've barely noticed hers! I've never seen it and only thought to find it once or so. Kinda strange.