Monday, March 21, 2011

Yo Homie

Gunnar and I were having a little fun with Cami last week. Jeff had the day off and Gunnar wanted to stay home but I have Cami. The deal was, Jeff was in charge of Gunnar and I would do my normal thing. No way I will take on all 3 by myself. Anyway, looks like Cami is having a slight spit up problem there.
Today was kind of a weird nap schedule for both of them. They were both awake together for about an hour and a half. Kind of weird. Anyway, I would give Cami a toy and Brecken would reach over and take it. Eventually he offered her her very own sock all soggy from him chewing on it. What a nice gesture. They pretty much sit here and stare at each other and play. I end up dancing to music and getting Brecken to go crazy happy and Cami to sort of smile. She is one hard nut to crack right now. However Jeff can get her to smile by just walking in the room and looking at her. He can even get her to talk in her soft sweet voice to him. Not far. Not far at all.

2 clever remarks:

HeidiT said...

There's my serious little chubster! I swear she never smiles for pictures. Brecken's got this look on his face like he's so proud of himself. I love that they get to spend time together.

Megan and Greg said...

So many cute pics! Cami is getting all chubby and baby like. Not a newborn anymore. So cute. That's funny she's so serious except around Jeff. And Breckin seems like a little smiler like Scarlet! So fun!