Monday, March 21, 2011

Pregnant x3

Nope not me. No way. Heck no way, however all of my sisters in law are having babies. All 3 of them. And the most craziest part of the entire thing is that all three of them are due within 2 weeks of each other. Oh my goodness. Our family has an explosion of babies on both sides. So here is the run down which gets even crazier. Noelle (married to my brother) is due October 28th. Okay, so the crazy part of this is that Heidi had Camden that day last year BUT my sister in law on the Miller side had Reece that exact same day 5 years ago. Oh boy. Can you imagine a 3rd baby born on the same day. I really hope not for our sake. Can you imagine the coordination of family functions. Okay, so Becky (married to Jeff's brother Jesse) is next up. She is due November 2nd. Not very far from Noelle and not far from Reece, so the possibility is there. They won't be finding out what they are having so it will be a surprise in the end. The last is Stephanie (married to Jeff's brother Dustin) and they are due November 10th. She knows that she goes a few days before her due date. So the baby will be born the beginning of November for sure. They will find out so we are excited to see what it is. We don't have any little girls on the Miller side. I'm excited to see how this all plays out. This does add to the crazy birthday season for both sides. I'll do a little run down.

In October we have (in order): Ren, Bridger, Reese and Camden (same day), Hollingsworth baby and potentially a Miller baby.
In November we have: potentially a Miller baby, my dad and Becky (same day), definately a Miller baby, Dustin and me. Then you throw in the holidays shortly after and that creates a super busy fall.
We are really excited for all of the new cousins. Gunnar will be over the moon thrilled to have more. He always is.

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~beth~ said...

Oh Yay! Congratulations!! That is a crazy schedule.

I'm NOV 6th and just this last year on my 45th birthday (I am slow I guess) I was talking to someone about how many people have birthdays around that time; and so I counted back 9 months and realized I could have been a Valentines Day baby :)
Creepy, but I am a romantic at heart♥

Kimberly said...

Toby's family is like that... there are I swear 10 birthdays in Dec. Everyone loves Spring time! :)