Monday, March 21, 2011

The Walky Dog

Jeff is always up for an adventure. Ummmm, not always me. I have really become a home body since kids. Anyway, Jeff got the bike trailer out of the attic and we were itching to try our new walky dog for Diesel.
You hook it to your bike seat so you can walk (more like run) your dog hands free. We headed to the Caldwell Greenbelt for their big loop there. I swear you would have thought we were packing for a weekend getaway. It seemed to take forever and the truck was full inside out of family members and bike paraphernalia.
The original plan was for Gunnar to ride his scooter. He didn't want to ride his bike. I knew this would not last long and tried to convince him to ride in the bike trailer. A few yards into the path, Gunnar didn't last and Jeff had to take the scooter back. I knew he couldn't make it. I barely made it to the end. He was thrown in the trailer with Brecken. Now this was Brecken's first ride. You would have thought this boy was being catapulted to the moon and back. He was SO excited. He squealed and talked the entire ride. We will for sure go on more bike rides just to see his excitement.
Diesel did great on his first run with the walky dog. With more practice he will be a pro. He was one tired puppy and we had two tired boys. I am not sure which one is more important. Oh ya, and I was really tired too and my bum hurt the next day.

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HeidiT said...

I love Breckie's excited face! That boy is just pure joy.
Oh, forgot to tell you that today at work one of the staff asked me "Do Gunnar's parents know that he is THE ONE here, that all of the girls want him to play with him?" Haha, he's a ladies man at work.

Penny Cluff said...

Caught up on your blog posts today, so my comment is spans your last few blogs. Dog walker is a cool idea. Why didn't I think of that and got rich? The pictures of the kids are so cute. My grandkids call each other cousin friends. I am so sad your Dad is going to be so far away. Last but not least, about all your sisters in law being pregnant. When I had Cori, every sybling had a baby within a few months. There were SEVEN babies born. When they were about six months old, we put there heads together making a wagon spoke and took a picture from the top. Very fun.