Thursday, June 9, 2011

CHEAP Movie Tickets Again

I was so excited to find out that I can get 2 Fandango tickets for $9 total again! Jeff and I actually just cashed ours in the last possible day on Monday and saw X-Men. Love those shows and it was fun to go with Jeff. It was even better knowing that the tickets were cheap. When I was redeeming and saw that the original price would have been $22.50, I just about died. That is so expensive just for a couple of hours of entertainment. This time around the tickets are good until the beginning of September. I hope to use ours to see the new Cars 2. I was bummed that the cut off for the other tickets were right before Cars was released. Now we can go! Do you want in on the action? Here is an easy link right to the site so you can buy them too. They can be used any where Fandango is used. Which I am sure is about everywhere.

I was pulling off pictures from the camera and ran across this one. I was making something with cheese. Can't remember what but I went to do something, came back and saw these nibble marks. Gunnar would not fess up. Instead he kept telling me that the dog decided to jump up there and take a few bites. The dog, if I remember, was happily chewing on a bone the entire time. He never left his spot. Plus he would have eaten more than those little bites. He would have taken the entire thing. Great...the dog did that excuses are already starting.

Tuesday I got done bagging 40lbs of chicken into more managable serving sizes. Have you heard of Zaycon foods? It is awesome. I was able to get 40lbs of chicken for 1.64/lb. If chicken prices where you live are anything like where we live, they are not that cheap. The company brings a truck load of chicken to certain sites on certain days and times. They come around here about every 6 months. You buy your chicken when they open up and announce the location. Then you show up at the designated site on the date and time specified, pull up, they load the chicken for you and you drive away. You never get out of your car and the people are so nice. This is the second time that I have done it and love it. The chicken breasts are so huge so I do 2 at a time in a ziploc bag. Some I leave plain and then others I dump a bunch of free/cheap BBQ sauce or italian dressing inside. Then I freeze it all. As the chicken thaws, the sauces marinate and the flavor is awesome! The chicken is so moist and yummy. My mouth is watering for BBQ chicken now. Anyway, I had a bunch in my freezer but went for another box because the next shipment may be coming in September/October and I didn't want to mess with it if we were in Hawaii or getting ready or coming home from it. The best thing to do is register on their site for email updates. They go to lots of place so see if your town is one of them. If not, notify them that you want them in your city so they know there is an interest. Definately worth checking out. It also looks like they have lots of places slated to open up this year.

We bought our tickets to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago. I about died! We had to buy 3 and Brecken will just be along for the ride. Even though the rest of the trip will be pretty cheap, those tickets weren't. We plan on being there for 11 days! Jeff was all for making the most of it. We are all so excited. We will arrive the morning of Mindy and Rillz's nieces 1st birthday. First birthdays for Hawaiians are a huge really big deal. Whatever you have in your mind when you think of huge, double that. Gunnar will have a blast with other kids. Jeff and I have been a couple of times before so we are really looking forward to doing low key, low cost things we haven't done with the kids. Which probably translates into lots of time on the beach and Rillz already has hikes in mind with Jeff. We all can't wait. What I am not looking forward to is hauling tons of crap through the airport and 3 hour layovers. Let me tell you about our crap. We will have a booster seat in a travel bag for Gunnar and a carseat also in a travel bag for Brecken. Hopefully we end up on pretty empty flights and Brecken can hang out in his seat on the plane. We will also have a diaper bag and Gunnar's whatever bag. Plus we are thinking of having carryons with all of our stuff instead of checking things in for $25/bag. Plus a stroller to get around the airport and Hawaii. We are still debating that one. Brecken will be 15 months old and just too darn big for a front pack. I've got to remember to order Brecken's official birth certificate too.It has almost been a year and we don't have it. I was supposed to copy my driver's license and mail in the money and paper for it. I made a copy of the front of my license, got ready to mail it all in and it said I needed the back too. Oh brother. I now have it all but need to send it. Better do that before September.

Yesterday Gunnar had his 6 month cleaning at the dentist. We discovered he has two more cavities and one on "watch". This morning he went in to get them filled. I was nervous about it because last time I almost passed out being there. I think part of it was being pregnant and the smell of the dentist always gets me anyway. Gunnar is such a trooper. One of his cavities was to the nerve so they had to put some special yucky, fighting stuff on it. Hopefully it works or the tooth will be coming out before it falls out. Ouch! Now he is complaining that his lip hurt and for some reason it is more swollen on one side than the other. Upon closer inspection, the inside looks like raw meat. It is mangled in there. My guess is that he was biting/chewing on it when it was numb and had no idea. Poor thing. Thank goodness Gunnar still loves the dentist. At this point I would have been crying and complaining about going back. That's what I did as a kid.

Our betta fish, Eyeballs, died yesterday morning. The last few days he has been acting so sluggish and slow. I figured he might die soon. We did everything we were supposed to do like feed him and change the water. Poor little guy didn't make it. Thankfully Gunnar is totally okay with death. I would not cut it as one of those parents that tries to replace their fish without their child knowing pretending it was the same one. Not happening around this house.

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Mindy said...

Poor eyeballs. I like the nibbling mysterious cheese monster! I HATE the dentist! Going has always given me anxiety.

HeidiT said...

Weird, I was thinking eyeballs didn't look that great when I saw him yesterday.
I've learned many lessons on airport traveling in the last few months. We vowed to only do the carry on thing from now on too -- but we only go for a few days at a time tops. You might want to at least check one bag since you'll be there so long and have 4 of you, you might have more crap then you think + any souvenirs you might want to bring back. Also, most airlines limit how many carry-ons. Ours is 2 for each paying passenger (carseat/stroller don't count but purses/diaper bag/backpacks do) But the main thing I would consider is how many hands do you have to lug around ALL of it + the kids. I think watching Ren and I haul out the carry-ons, undo the stroller frame, strap in the carseat and rangle our baby at the same time is probably like watching a circus act :) I can't imagine it times two!

beth said...

Thanks for the cheap movie ticket update! I hadn't seen that, we love to find and use those!!