Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back in Time

Jeff is such a cutie, even when he was a little boy. I was asked to submit a picture of Jeff when he was a baby or young boy for some adult church activity. We ended up not going and went on a date instead but I hope the other ward members enjoyed it. This goes to show where Brecken gets his wild, blond hair and developing curls. Jeff's hair was pretty curly then.

Totally random thought but since it is Sunday today, it was on my mind. I was just now looking at Brecken's name as I wrote this post and it comes up with that squiggly red line underneath for spelling. I laugh every time I pick up Brecken from nursery. He has his little picture that he never colors on because he is not really a fan of coloring. Both my kids aren't for long periods of time, and his name is always spelled wrong...Brekan. I'm pretty darn sure it is spelled correctly on the records of the church because it was his middle name that we had to get corrected...Maunakea. Is it really that hard to check the rolls to get each child's name correctly. Looks like it is because Gunnar always has his name spelled like Gunner on most everything in Primary.

On the flip side, both my boys love Primary. And Jeff and I love that they love Primary. We have to be very careful when we talk about nursery because if we do it too soon, Brecken is ready to go that very minute. I am the 9 year old Primary teacher this year and LOVE it! We have the best kids ever. My teaching partner is the Bishop's wife who I adore and love as well. We were visiting teaching partners a couple of years ago and were so sad when we were split up. We work so well together. We were ecstatic when we found out we would be partners again. Primary for me this last half a year has been a nice change and I love it. Jeff is the Young Men's President so really we needed our kids to be in Primary to really focus on our callings.

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HeidiT said...

I have to admit I had moments all of the time at preschool when I would be writing Gunnar's name and have to think about "an" or "en"

abigail said...
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