Sunday, March 25, 2012

I love my kiddos so much. I really do. I am trying to take more pictures of Gunnar's school projects, so I can have that memory and then toss them. He comes home with so many random papers. It is amazing really. This particular day they were both sitting on the counter. Brecken was doing what he does best...eating and Gunnar with a school project. I love Brecken's face in this last picture. Kind of like a "Brother what on earth are you doing!?"

Speaking of eating...this kid is INSANE! We have been telling other's how much he eats and we are hardly believed. Until they get to watch him and feed him. Then they believe us wholeheartedly. He can easily eat 3-4 packets of instant oatmeal. Easily two pieces of toast in morning. His favorite, two whole bananas every morning. A corn dog or two. Lots and lots of dinner whatever it is. Sour things like chewy Warheads (yuck) don't even create a reaction one bit and he does enjoy salsa. But Jambalya is a tad too spicy and he starts to claw at his tongue not knowing what hit him. Salad is a little tricky to eat but most everything else he is up to trying. He is just so different than Gunnar who is not considered picky but will eat light some days and then other days you wonder what hit him. My joke is that I am working with Paparazzi just so I can afford the food for my boys. I am so worried for the teenage years.

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HeidiT said...

I just love those boys! Brecken and eating....enough said.