Saturday, April 7, 2012

Is That Really Comfortable?

Gunnar is a pretty funny kid and he totally thrives on having friends around. I guess most kids do. I really don't thrive on having his friends around but I know it is good for him. The other day we had one of his really good friends over while her mom went to an appointment. Now I love having Abbie over because her and Gunnar play SO well together. They just get along. They are 6 months apart and have known each other since Gunnar's birth. We have known this family that long. They were lucky enough to be in the same kindergarten class too. They are moving at the end of the school year. Boohoo!

Anyway, she was over and our rule is that nobody can be on Gunnar's new bunkbed. For us it is more of a safety thing and it shouldn't be played on anyway. I pulled Gunnar aside, reminded him about the rule and had him go in and explain it to Abbie. Oh man, the conversation of 5 and 6 year old's was hilarious.

Abbie: "oh I know why friends are not allowed on the bed. Your mom and dad do not want friends to put lice on your bed."
Gunnar: totally silent so I know he had a perplexed look on his face.
Abbie: "You know, Mrs. Huddleston told us about lice and how your head itches and you have to let it be there for 10 days until they die." They went on about it for a little while.
Gunnar: "oh ya..."

I wanted to bust a gut it was so funny. For one thing, I know she does not have head lice but it was more of a funny thing that pops out of the mouth of kids that age.

They love to get games out when she is here. They asked to get Don't Spill the Beans down. I taught them to play and went into the other room. The first time Gunnar ran out saying he won. We figured out they had the rules backwards and Abbie really won. The second time Gunnar ran out and he really did win. The third time Gunnar ran out and said he won. I hear Abbie in the other room yell that he cheated. Gunnar ran back in and I heard this: "My mom said that I won. She said that it is okay to cheat and that you lost." What!? I quickly yelled from the other room that I DID NOT tell him that and Abbie is the winner if that happened. I was laughing pretty hard inside on that one too because really kid...I told you to cheat. No way!

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