Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter 2012

I love Easter and I think it has gotten better since I've had kids. I think every holiday has. Easter was even better this year now that Brecken was old enough to really participate. We decorated Easter eggs with our good friends the Sartell's. This was the first year that their daughter Paige decorated eggs and she is 4 years old! We had so much fun. I saw this idea somewhere of putting the egg in a wire whisk and then sticking it into the dye. It was awesome and worked SO well. It was perfect for Brecken!

Saturday before Easter we had a BBQ and Easter egg hunt with my family and the Sartell's. The Sartell's have all family out of town so they have pretty much become family. My family really likes them too and everyone adores Paige. Anyway, so they were there too and we had a blast. The best thing about our egg hunts right now are that there is little competition if you are a bigger kid and we put out TONS of eggs. I get a laugh every year at kids running aimlessly and as fast as they can looking for eggs. There is something so funny about it.

This little guy kept picking up an eye and then eating the stuff inside. If he did that, he would get no where and have a huge belly ache. We had to speed things along a little and after he got the hang of it, we couldn't stop him.
Gunnar was a nut. Because there were so many eggs and him and Paige were so fast, they got a lot. So when his basket became full, he moved onto the little kid wheelbarrow. He took forever to open the eggs. He takes forever to do anything like this, but he had tons of fun and that is all that mattered. Easter egg hunts were high on his list of things to do this year.

It was my turn to teach my primary class and it was on the Resurrection and how it relates to the Book of Mormon. I felt so blessed to be able to teach that lesson and to be reminded of what Easter is really about. I am so thankful for my Savior and his atoning sacrifice for all of us.

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