Tuesday, November 13, 2012

19 weeks and boy did that fly by...

I am 19 weeks pregnant as of yesterday. Time is going by really fast. I think part of that is that I had two other rug rats and other stuff happening that I don't have time to watch the pregnancy ticker slowly go by like I did with Gunnar. Most of the time I completely forget how far a long I am and am reminded when I get the weekly updates. So different than the other two. With Gunnar I could tell you to the second how far along I was. With Brecken I kept up a little but could at least tell you how far along I am. With this one, I usually have no idea and just guess. Usually it is so wrong and I short my self at how far along I am. And for some reason, I was in no hurry getting the word out that I was pregnant. I kind of wanted someone to ask if I was, say that I wasn't, and watch theirs faces in complete horror that they just asked a chubby person if they were pregnant or not. I was only able to recently do that a couple of times and my friends new me so well that it didn't work. They told me that I was too skinny and that I couldn't get away with that. They know me too well and I love them for that. I could tell that some people were starting to wonder though. Last week I wore a maternity skirt to church. My good friend Shelly the primary president, knew instantly that I had to be pregnant because I let her borrow that skirt when she was pregnant with one of her kids. Now that is being observant. Too funny.

When I was about 8 weeks pregnant, we had yet to tell our families. Mindy called on a Wednesday. Why I remember, I have no idea to tell me that she was pregnant. I was so excited for her!! I knew that my yet-to-be-announced kid would have a super close cousin again. That Friday we had an adult sibling day planned. Rillz and Mindy, Ren and Heidi and Jeff and I were going to go miniature golfing in the morning and then the hot air balloon thing that night with the kiddos. It was going to be a fun day! I was craving frozen yogurt so bad. So after we were done, Jeff spilled the beans and told everyone. We are all so excited for all the new babies!

I've learned now the third time around, I don't get sick. Thank goodness! I would have stopped at one kid probably. This time around I was pretty exhausted. At the very beginning, I was doing the 3 fairs in 1 month and that just about did me in but I also had a crappy bladder infection too that really made me feel yucky. Some yucky smells still put me over the edge, like poop or fart smells. I can't handle them. I feel like it has taken me a while to show at all. I'm just now starting to get that pregnant belly. This baby's first appointment went well. There is only on there. The second appointment was interesting. Nurse Christy couldn't find the heartbeat. I wasn't panicked at all for some reason. I just walked over to the other room and had an ultrasound. That was fun. I got more pictures which Brecken immediately declared one was his. The baby was doing just fine. The baby wanted to hide for whatever reason. The second appointment went much smoother. Dr. West wasn't there because he was delivering 3 babies during that time. Christy said according to the heartbeat, Dr. West would say that was a girl. The heartbeat has been beating really fast at all appointments. We'll see...I've been feeling this baby move a lot as well which is super fun. That is my favorite thing about being pregnant and the thing I miss the most after birth.

My due date is April 4th, which is really fun. That is Heidi's birthday. However, we know that won't happen. I'll probably have my c-section the very end of March. Maybe on my grandma's birthday, March 28th. That would be fun. We find out what we are having November 19th. That is next week! Right before Thanksgiving! We're excited.

We are also excited for Mindy and her baby that is due May 10th. Then my sister in law on Jeff's side is having a baby due April 20th. Our lives are going to be full of babies come spring!

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Kimberly said...

Congrats! So fun! I can't believe you can hide being pregnant that long! I look 9 months when I'm 19 weeks. In fact I remember that was how far a long I was when I passed out at church and someone said, good thing you don't have much longer! ahhaah

Jess said...

SO fun that this baby will have little friends so close on both sides. How fun!