Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's A...

Oh yes, you read that right. Another little dude will be joining the Miller clan. Was I over the top thrilled...nope. I was a little shocked and a little sad. We had a girl name picked out, I already had two boys, so having a girl just seemed logical to me. I was sad for about a week about not having a girl but then the following week things changed. I was watching Cami like I normally do and she was just getting over the flu bug, she was especially whiny both days because she wasn't feeling herself still but man she changed my perspective really quickly. I just don't know girls at all. I am so used to boys and I am realizing they are more my speed. They always have been. In school I was more drawn to my guy friends then girlfriends. I just couldn't tolerate the unnecessary drama. I think I wanted a girl so bad for two things. I wanted to use the name we picked out and I really just want to see what a Jeff and Kristi Miller girl looks like. That's all really. So thank you Cami for being you and making me realize that I am completely okay with having nieces.

When we found out what we were having with Brecken, we took Gunnar to the store and picked out an outfit. We did the same with this little guy too. Brecken LOVED the monster shirt but Gunnar LOVED the camo pants, so we put them together and made an outfit to make them both happy. This is what the little guy will come home in. Gunnar was really into this robot outfit but we were not about to buy both. We do not need anymore boy clothes at all. We are set.

Right now I am 24 weeks and feeling great. I don't even feel that big at all which is great. Many people at church are just now figuring out that I am pregnant because I really don't look it for as far along as I am. This little guy always has a dance party at about 8:30/9ish every night which is fun. Gunnar loves to give my belly hugs and kisses and is excited for a baby. Brecken is slowly starting to catch on and will give my belly raspberry kisses over and over again. The other day, he turned to me, I thought he was going to give loves and instead he head butted my belly super hard. That was not fun at all. He had a little lesson about being soft. I had to laugh when I read Mindy's blog because I knew that she liked yucky Spaghettios but I had no idea that she liked sour things too. Heidi did with Cami and I like sour patch kids with this baby and Brecken. Funny the similarities and it didn't make a difference whether they were girl babies or boy babies. Speaking of Mindy, she is finding out what they are having tomorrow and I can not wait to find out!!!

The last month and a half has been so busy but for some odd reason I feel ahead of the game. Not sure why. The gift buying is all done, I've made treats for all of the people that needed them. I'm feeling pretty good. We've had busy fun days with cousins and siblings and just over all silliness.
Gunnar and Brecken got it in their heads that they were going to play school. They got winter/rain boots on, lunchboxes together, hats and vests...silly.

A box provided hours of fun. They thought they were so silly.

Brecken walked around for days with this hat on saying he was a worker. Funny kid.

I caught these two reading books on the steps. I had to laugh because Cami was literally telling Brecken all of the right colors and shapes. Brecken is so clueless. 

I made these for our Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching families. They are little oven safe ramikens and homemade flavored popcorn. Yum!

We made these for one of Jeff's brother's family for Christmas and for our really good friends the Sartell's. I'm not going to tell you what is inside...yet. I would hate to ruin the surprise, but it is fun. I bought empty, new paint cans from Home Depot, spray painted and poly'd them.

I made these for Gunnar's teachers at school and for a hostess gift to a party we were going to. They were fun, easy and super cute!

I better get back to my projects. For a week that looked calm compared to others last week, turned into a really busy one when I started filling in the calendar. I can't wait to post some of the super fun things that I am excited to give as gifts this year!

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Mindy said...

The paint cans turned out way cute! That is such a silly cute outfit the boys picked out for taking home baby in.

Megan and Greg said...

Wow, number 3! Congrats! I love your hair straight, BTW. I'm so impressed with all your gift giving. Your pics are all so cute and your boys are getting so BIG!!!!