Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And It Was Supposed To Be a Secret

The day we found out what we were having, Mindy and I used our unborn children to negotiate. She said that if I told her what we were having before Gunnar got home (because we didn't reveal to anyone until we told Gunnar first-he deserved that right), she would tell us the day she found out. But I couldn't tell anyone else outside of Jeff. She had this plan to tell everyone on Christmas Eve which was about 6 days later. I totally agreed to the deal!

The best part of agreeing is that Mindy and I would talk about what she should do to tell everyone. Eventually they decided to tell everyone shortly after instead of waiting and making Christmas Eve all about them. It made it even better. Everyone would least expect it that way. After going from one idea to the next, we came up with the best. I scratch off gender reveal card that would randomly arrive in everyone's mailboxes. It was awesome. I created the cards for her and ended up mailing them all out because it was easier that way to our family members and Rillz's side as well. It was SO much fun!

I made the boy and girl version up the night before she found out and just printed the right one off the day she found out. The scratch off stuff was so easy to make and awesome! I'm excited to do it again on something. It is one part any color paint to two parts liquid dish soap. I used a metallic silver to make it look more authentic. Then you paint clear contact paper with it a couple of times with thin layers and then punch whatever shape that you want. With the cards that were mailed, a penny was included.
Look how awesome those look! I was seriously so proud of them and SO excited for everyone to get them. At first Mindy and I would text or call back and forth and wonder why she wasn't getting any phone calls. We knew that they had to have received them on a certain day. Eventually the calls came in to Mindy. The best part is that so many of us thought that they would be having a boy. I sure thought that they would and really hoped they would but indeed its a GIRL! Mindy I think was in a little bit of shock over it. Jeff drives me bonkers sometimes because he doesn't get hung up on stuff like that and tells me that we shouldn't because then your hopes won't be shattered when the gender is the opposite of what you want. Oh are so a boy and don't understand girls at all...

I had so much fun working with Mindy on these and I really think that she was thrilled with the outcome. This is totally their style.

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HeidiT said...

They turned out so cute, I loved them! When Mindy was in my office we looked up different ways to reveal the gender and mostly saw the usual ballons, cake, etc. This was a much more clever idea!