Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Santa Came To Town

We were invited to the annual Miller Christmas Party this year with all of Jeff's extended family. It was held at Jeff's Uncle Steve's house in Fruitland and it was SO much fun. Ahead of time they organized a cousin exchange so we bought for two other cousins that were assigned to our boys. And then Santa came with gifts for all of the kids. Gunnar was in complete awe. I've never seen him so mesmerized and out of it sitting on Santa's lap. This particular Santa was so funny! He said the best things ever making the adults bust up laughing. He didn't really do the typical what do you want type questions. He would make observations about the child. Like one little girl was wearing tights with flowers on them so he would ask her if they were painted on her legs making her completely laugh. Stuff like that and it was funny. He went to fist pump Gunnar about something, but he was so into sitting on Santa's lap that he hardly noticed what was going on and stiffed Santa. It was hilarious.

Now Brecken took a little prodding to get up there at first. But the nice parents that we are pretty much picked him up and threw him on Santa's lap and walked away. The awesome Santa that he was immediately gave Brecken a candy cane and he was sold. Then he got another one and he was so in to Santa. He would have sat there all day. At the very end Santa asked him to say "Merry Christmas" to everyone and he did. It was so cute and he really does say it in this cute little voice. Then he got a present and was thrilled.
All of the kids had to wait until the very end to open their presents. I was so surprised that Brecken understood and was so happy to wait. He's a good little waiter and opener when the time comes.

We had so much fun with family...aunts, uncles, cousins (many that I did not know well), their kids, Jeff's grandma and all of the spouses. We had super yummy food and desserts and great conversation. It was great and I will now look forward to it ever year.

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